Our Story

Westcoast Video Production , this is usually the part where you usually see…

" The newest cameras…..2k 4k 8k 10k….. most technologically advanced ….. providing rentals unlike other rental houses….. offering 24/7 service "   – Every Rental House 

…or something like that. Now don’t get the wrong impression. We do a lot of those things, actually to be honest we do it better then a lot of them but more on that later. Believe it or not but this small town of Los Angeles has plenty of places to rent from. The bigger rental houses have a larger inventory, I know that may be a shock to some but we don’t own the same amount of gear. Some smaller houses specialize in one area of production which is great…. but what happens when you want to rent more then a camera & tripod ?

” Okay we get it… what do you do thats so different ? "

We do what we’ve been doing for the last 25 + years… Providing rental solutions for all aspects of production. We specialize in multi-cam systems : Award shows , Live Events, Concerts, Direct Response, Web, Fitness , Reality Shows ( Finales – Reunions ) We also provide single camera solutions. Don’t want to be that guy and name drop but lets just say our single camera game is STRONG.

Here’s what else we offer to our clients, a team of people who care about your project, know what they’re talking about and eliminate the guess work when it comes to equipment. Each project is different, each client has different needs…

Westcoast Video provides solutions.

818 - 785 - 8033